Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some of our FAQ below, if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Question: What are your charges?
  • Answer: DJC charges a set fee per apartment/flat/House. We have no hidden charges our charges range from £6 – £20 + vat per month per apartment/flat/House.
  • Question: What is a freeholder?
  • Answer: A freeholder is the owner of the land that a property is built on.
  • Question: What is ground rent?
  • Answer: The owner of the land the “freeholder” of which the property is built on will allow the use of the land based on there being a long lease. In turn he can charge a fee for ground rent.
  • Question: What is a management Company?
  • Answer: A management company or RMC (Residential Management Company) is a company made up of people who own the flats or apartments that make up the whole block. Directors are then usually elected from amongst the residents who in turn then employ a managing agent to manage the block they live in.
  • Question: What is a managing agent?
  • Answer: We are the managing agent, we are employed to perform block management for your whole building.
  • Question: What is a service charge?
  • Answer: A service charge is a fee payable by all owners of the flats/apartments that make up your whole block of flats. This charge is required to cover all the maintenance and insurance for all the communal areas of your block.
  • Question: What are reserve funds?
  • Answer: A reserve fund is a fee payable by the owners of the flats/aparments to ensure there is sufficient money available for future scheduled major works, such as lift replacement, stair replacement, external decoration. Contributions to the reserve fund are not repayable to the owner of the flat once it is sold
  • Question: How is the building insured?
  • Answer: It is better to have buildings insurance for the whole block of flats “a block policy” this insurance premium is then split between each flat. This way it ensures that every flat has buildings insurance.